Current Project

Mission – Assist the industry by promoting seafood, commercial fishers and industry to Queenslanders and educating consumers about their local seafood products.

a) To encourage greater uptake of local seafood products in local markets, retail stores and restaurants by establishing networks that allow fisherman to branch into local markets.

b) Provide a clear signal to Queenslanders and visitors that ‘Queensland Catch’ means you are buying local seafood harvested in local waters.

c) Create a ‘Brand’ for Queensland that markets Queensland seafood and compliments existing brands.

d) To create a new way to connect with the Queensland community and seafood consumer.

e) To promote the continued economic development of the seafood industry across Queensland.

f) Choose local over other seafood offerings – Queensland consumers have options: purchasing local product supports local industry.

g) A positive campaign – we don’t undermine imported or farmed product. We draw on the strategic advantage of wild harvested seafood – its caught local and sold local.

h) Provide a business investment platform for members.


Did you know...

Queensland Catch is the result of the Queensland Seafood Industry Association’s initiative to assist the Commercial Seafood Industry in Queensland to improve demand and market access for Queensland seafood.

The project focuses on establishing networks between fishermen, wholesalers, retailers and restaurants, to market and sell more local seafood products, and promote profitability and economic sustainability of the local fishing industry.