Coral Trout

Coral trouts are among the most sought-after reef fishes for their impressive appearance and fine eating qualities. Their delicate flavour and fine, white flakes appeal to most. Bake, steam, poach or grill, but avoid handling them too much as their delicate flakes can be easily damaged. Enrich with an abundance of citrus, light butter sauces, parsley and chives. The cheek flesh from coral trouts is very highly regarded and should not be wasted.

Flavour: Mild, Delicate and sweet flavour

Oiliness: Low

Moisture: Moist

Texture: Firm, Fine flakes

Flesh Colour: White

Thickness: Thick fillets

Bones: A few bones (mainly pin bones), which are generally large and easily removed

Price: Coral trout are high-priced finfish.

Suggested Wines

To accentuate the sweet and piquant flavours of these species, it is important to select table wines with subtle varietal characteristics and understated flavours. Cool climate white wines are preferred and varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, or blends of both are suitable.

Cooking Ideas


Deep Fry




Shallow Fry



Nutrition Facts

per 100g of raw product







Total fat (oil)


Saturated fat

32% of total fat

Monounsaturated fat

16% of total fat

Polyunsaturated fat

52% of total fat

Omega-3, EPA


Omega-3, DHA


Omega-6, AA


When Caught

Caught year round in saltwater near reef areas with peak supply from September until November. The coral trouts (Plectropomus spp) are often separated from the coronation trouts (Variola spp) in the marketplace. They can grow from 40-80cm Coral trout weighing 0.6-1.0 kg are sometimes called ‘plate size’.

Important Features

Wild/Farmed Wild

Habitat Saltwater, Caught near reef areas. The scarlet or red coloured coral trout are typically taken in deep water (up to 100 m).

Recovery Rate Skinless fillets: 50% from whole coral trout

Common Coral Trout Research

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The coral trouts (Plectropomus spp) are often separated from the coronation trouts (Variola spp) in the marketplace.

Common Size 40-80cm. Coral trout weighing 0.6 1.0 kg are sometimes called plate size.