Queensland Catch Club Reference Group

Terms of Reference

a) The role of the Queensland Catch Reference Group will provide strategic advice to the QSIA Board to ensure the longevity of the promotion.

b) The Queensland Catch Reference Group will help reach the following goals:

  • To encourage greater uptake of local seafood products in local markets, retail stores and restaurants by establishing networks that allow fisherman to branch into local markets.
  • To provide a clear signal to Queenslanders and visitors that ‘Queensland Catch’ means you are buying local seafood harvested in local waters.
  • To create a ‘Brand’ for Queensland that markets Queensland seafood and compliments existing brands.
  • To create a new way to connect with the Queensland community and seafood consumer.
  • To promote the continued economic development of the seafood industry across Queensland.
  • To guide Queenslanders to choose local caught over other food offerings.
  • To draw on the strategic advantage of wild harvested seafood – its caught local and sold local.
  • To provide a business investment platform for QSIA members.

c) The Queensland Catch Reference Group is accountable for:

  • Providing advice to the QSIA Board.
  • Fostering participation amongst all QSIA members in the promotion.
  • Identification of obstacles to the successful delivery Queensland Catch promotion and the development of options to overcome those obstacles.

d) Meeting Protocol

  • To have open and honest discussions.
  • All meetings will be chaired by the QSIA CEO.
  • A meeting quorum will be 5 members of the Reference Group including the QSIA CEO.
  • Decisions made by a majority vote.
  • Minority views will be noted and provided to the QSIA Board.
  • Meeting agendas minutes will be drafted by the QSIA.
  • The QSIA CEO will act as both Chair and Secretariat which includes:
  • Preparing agendas and supporting papers; and
  • Preparing submissions.
  • Meetings will be held once a quarter for a minimum of 1 hour using a teleconference format.

e) The Terms of Reference is effective from 1 August 2016 and continues until the 3 August 2018.

Reference Group

Eric Perez - Reference Group Chair and Secretariat
Kelly Morgan - Reference Group Member
David Sterling - Reference Group Member
Elaine Lewthwaite - Reference Group Member
Shane Geary - Reference Group Member
Ryan Hendy - Reference Group Member
Neil Moretto - Reference Group Member